BLM Seeks Comments On Proposed Trails Near Buena Vista, Colorado

The Bureau of Land Management’s Royal Gorge Field Office is seeking public comments on its proposal to add new motorized and non-motorized trails to the Fourmile Trail System outside Buena Vista, Colorado. The area is in the Arkansas River sub-region of the Royal Gorge Resource Area and is included in the Fourmile Travel Management Plan. The Proposed Action includes adding 3 new trails totaling about 7 miles that would be open to motorized users.

Details on the proposed motorized trails are below:

1) Currently, the motorized single-track trail opportunities in the Fourmile Travel Management Area are limited to Triad Ridge located on USFS-managed lands east of this proposed trail. This proposed trail (6 miles) would add to the existing motorized single-track network.

2) Carnage Canyon is an existing rock crawling trail that is rated as difficult. BLM states that users of the trail frequently need to exit the trail before reaching the end due to a number of factors such as being too difficult for their abilities or mechanical failures. This proposed short trail (0.25 miles) would establish a less difficult bailout option mid-way through the existing trail.

3) BLM states that the existing ATV route 6037 (50” or less in width) is a relatively easy ATV route alternative to riding on the 375 4-wheel drive road. BLM further states that by adding a more difficult segment connecting to 6037 and 6038 ATV routes, this loop (1 mile) would provide options for advanced ATV riders as well as extending potential riding time in this already-developed ATV area. Included in this ATV loop proposal would be a short connector to the camping site at the junction of 375 and 376 roads, which would eliminate the need for riders to use 376 road to enter the area.


Comments are due by March 2, 2018. It is important for OHV enthusiasts to stay involved in the public lands management process by contacting BLM staff! Submit comments online or by mail to BLM, Royal Gorge Field Office, Attn: Linda Skinner, 3028 E. Main Street, Canon City, CO 81212.

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