St. John’s Rock ORV Trail and Campground Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

In case you missed it, our friends over at the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) have recently reported on the ribbon cutting ceremony for St. John’s Rock ORV Trail and Campground, which occurred on July 23, 2017. NOHVCC reports that the trail system is Maryland’s first professionally designed public ORV trail system and is located in Garrett County in the Savage River State Forest near the town of Finzel. It includes the state’s first-ever campsite designed to support trail riders, a main trail with spur loops open to ATVs and dirt bikes, and a rock crawl area for 4WD trucks.


A detailed trail map for riders is in the works. Total trail mileage hasn’t been calculated. But currently the St. John’s Rock ORV Trail offers enough opportunity for a full day of riding. The trails are designed for ATVs, sides-by-sides, and dirt bikes, with no width restrictions. Users must have a registered ORV with the Department of Natural Resources, or a MVA-tagged vehicle that is suitable for off-road use. The campground is for ORV recreational use only, and advance reservations are required.


DNR’s initial map of the new trail system and campground


NOHVCC’s July 2017 Newsletter

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