BLM Announces Focus Groups to Discuss Recreation in Granite, Missoula, and Powell Counties

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has issued a press release announcing three focus group sessions to discuss recreation management on BLM-administered public lands in Granite, Missoula, and Powell Counties, Montana.

It is important for OHV enthusiasts to stay involved in the public lands management planning process by attending public meetings! We need to ensure that we have a seat at the table when agencies that administer public lands discuss recreation management.

Colorado Mesa University will conduct the sessions as part of the data collection associated with the Missoula Field Office’s Resource Management Plan revision to help BLM better respond to the public’s desires and expectations for how it manages recreation on public lands in this region.

Dr. Tim Casey, Professor of Political Science at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, Colorado and Dr. Randy Virden, Emeritus Professor at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona will facilitate the focus group sessions. Each session will last about two hours.

Dates and Locations
July 14, 9:30 a.m.
Holiday Inn Missoula Downtown, Madison/Jefferson Rooms, 200 S. Pattee St., Missoula

July 14, 3:00 p.m.
Seeley Lake Community Hall, 3248 Hwy. 83, Seeley Lake

July 15, 9:30 a.m.
Lubrecht Forest, 38689 Hwy. 200 East, Greenough

Additional Info
For more information, contact Joe Ashor at 406-329-3717 or, or Dr. Tim Casey at 970-248-1095 or

About ARRA

Americans for Responsible Recreational Access (ARRA) was formed to ensure that Americans are not arbitrarily denied the right to responsibly experience and enjoy the public lands that belong to the citizens of the United States. The members of ARRA, which include horseback riders, personal watercraft users, off-highway vehicle and snowmobile riders, and vacationing families, have joined together to provide input on decisions regarding land use designation, recreation opportunities, and preservation. Its members seek responsible consideration of competing activities, which are based on sound environmental principles.

No alliance member believes that recreation enthusiasts have the right to exclusive, unregulated use of our national heritage, but all oppose land closure or extreme regulation, which denies responsible citizens access to public lands for multifaceted recreational pursuits.

ARRA focuses on the entire spectrum of issues surrounding the Crisis of Closure. We work with the Administration and its agencies, Congress, local governmental representatives and most importantly, the citizens who care about maintaining access to public lands and waterways for outdoor recreational activities.

ARRA also serves as a central clearinghouse for the many like-minded initiatives and individuals who fight for fundamental fairness in public land designation and recreation opportunity.