Allegheny National Forest’s OHV Trails to Open May 26

The Allegheny National Forest has announced that its OHV trails will open at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, May 26. The Forest says it is making every effort to accommodate larger OHV sizes, but current trail design requires width restrictions for the following trails:

1) Penoke OHM Trail and Rocky Gap and Willow Creek ATV Trails are limited to OHVs 50” or less in width.

2) Timberline and Marienville ATV Trails are limited to OHVs 64” or less in width.

The Forest further states that a trail use permit is required, which can be purchased at any of the Forest offices or from any authorized vendors. The 2017 ATV and trail bike permits cost $10 for a day permit or $35 for an annual permit. The list of vendors and applications can be found at any Forest office or online.

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