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ARRA encourages all ATV riders and ROV drivers to take an approved training course.  Visit the ATV Safety Institute Homepage for information on the ASI ATV E-Course and ATV RiderCourse.  Visit for information on the ROV E-Course and ROV Basic DriverCourse.

Washington Newsletter

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Washington Newsletter - November 2015

In this isssue: Speaker Ryan, RTP, FLREA, Feinstein Desert Rally, Two-year Budget Deal and NOHVCC Annual Conference.

Washington Newsletter - October 2015

In this issue: Sage Grouse; California Desert Legislation; Continuing Resolution; Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF); Transportation Reauthorization; Speaker Boehner Steps Down; and Yogi-isms.

Washington Newsletter - September 2015

In this issue: It's all about the numbers, Congressional Agenda, LWCF, National Monuments, and Labor Day

Washington Newsletter - August 2015

In this issue: Transportation Reauthorization, Interior Appropriations, Wildfire Funding, Monument Designations and looking ahead.

Washington Newsletter - July 2015

In this issue: transportation reauthorization/Recreational Trails Program; sage grouse; monument designations; and federal funding issues

Washington Newsletter - June 2015

In this issue: Transportation Reauthorization Update; Land Management Agency Funding for FY16; Another Monument Designation?; Sage Grouse Update; & Photos

Washington Newsletter - May 2015

In this issue: Sage Grouse listing update; Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF); FY 16 Appropriations; S. 1040, The ROV In-Depth Examination Act; and Recreational Trails Program (RTP) Update

Washington Newsletter - April 2015

In this issue: Budget Time; Head Winds for Utah Public Lands Initiative; Congressional Leadership Change; RTP Update; and Legislative Update

Washington Newsletter - March 2015

In this issue: Our Legislative Update, "Two Bites Are Better Than One" and CRT awards for RTP projects.

Washington Newsletter - February 2015

In this issue: Congressional Committees, Fire Suppression Funding, Presidential Declarations, Forest Service Snowmobile Regulation, Symbolic Votes on Monument Designations, Lesser Prairie Chicken and Wilderness Designations

Washington Newsletter - January 2015

In this issue: Lame Duck Congress; Funding for the Public Lands Agencies; 114th Congress; RTP; and FLREA

Washington Newsletter - December 2014

In this issue: The Lame Duck Isn't Limping, Yet!; New House Committee Chairs; and Utah Public Lands Initiative


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